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Humans, Robots (bwoooow dananana deooowwww)

  One of the hardest things to grasp in computer science: Caching things is synonymous to predicting the future. How do i tell if i need to get what i just cached again? You make an educated guess. Or you … Continue reading

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The Slightly Great Commission

Yes, I Jared Nagle have been commissioned to build a website!… by my wife. Tis an honourable feat. And thus the first thing on my plate is deciding what technologies i should use to create it. I am greatly interested … Continue reading

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You lost me at CPU…

So I have two things to get off my chest: 1. That burn mark on the bus stop clearly looks like a shark is about to own that blue strip above it from behind the timetable. I’ve been staring at … Continue reading

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Computers are not as complicated as you think

What happens when you place a group of smart people in a room doing some meaningful repetitive task over and over again? You get people thinking to themselves “how can I do this faster, more efficiently and requiring less user … Continue reading

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Processing the processes give or take human errror.

Here i go, starting back at the beginning. Sometimes i revisit the basics simply because things don’t add up higher up and it generally means that a fundamental rule is missing from my knowledge. This morning i picked up my … Continue reading

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2 Stops to go

Hi fellow followers!   As it stands, I have 0 followers… zip, nada, none. I don’t see that as an obstacle to blogging though. I’ve set myself a challenge of seeing how much i can write in-between the last two … Continue reading

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It’s happened again

My motivation seems to follow cycles. There are times when I’m super inspired and excited about every little bit of coding technology out there, and there are days where I open up my IDE and stare blankly into space. I’m … Continue reading

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