2 Stops to go

ImageHi fellow followers!


As it stands, I have 0 followers… zip, nada, none. I don’t see that as an obstacle to blogging though. I’ve set myself a challenge of seeing how much i can write in-between the last two stops. I’m exiting a tunnel as i type to cross the Harbour bridge. It was quite foggy this morning and the sun is glaring through the train window onto my screen, flickering on and off and causing something of an epileptic fit in my eyes… well not really. This is just a filler of words. Hey! the train is slowing down.

We’re on cruise control now. barely doing 20 km/ph. So in the spirit of my last post, I floundered around in my mac desktop this morning. I even had a little snooze. Then i started thinking about my goals. I thought, “what is the smallest thing i can do?” I decided it was making sure my company’s code compiles to version 1.6 of java.

1st stop!

Just a quick interlude there, The next stop is closer now. Only about a minute left to type. Quick spell check… yup good. just had to put a hyphen in-between ‘in-between’ haha. I need to make up a word for when you use the same word in a sentence like that. I know multiple cases where I’ve made that observation and wished that there was a word to describe it. Ok, Time to wrap up. I’m entering the tunnel to arrive at North Sydney station now.

If you want to follow me, I will be pumping out rants like this one on a more regular basis. Maybe you’ll find me talking about more interesting things in the future. Now is more of a practice until I get used to the Idea of writing.


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