It’s happened again

My motivation seems to follow cycles. There are times when I’m super inspired and excited about every little bit of coding technology out there, and there are days where I open up my IDE and stare blankly into space. I’m in one of those days. It seems as if now is a great time to start blogging.

I imagine everyone has this problem. I can’t be the only one who doesn’t know what to do next. Being a full time employee and a husband and father, I don’t get much time to increase my skills in programming. It’s mostly on the train where i get the chance to program, and lately this week I’ve been at a loss for what i should be doing next.

As an experiment, I decided I would switch operating systems from Windows to OS X (I run Windows on my Macbook Pro using Bootcamp). The project I’m working on at the moment didn’t build straight away and I had a great time learning all about unix file permissions and all the wonderful tools out there you can fill your mac up with. after a few failed builds of the java project, I finally managed to work out the semantics of unix correctly and now I’m sitting here with a terminal typing the same command over and over again because i can’t seem to figure out what to do next. At home I have setup a JIRA server where i can jot down my ideas in task form for future reference. Everything looks so hard and complex. I think I’m just having trouble setting small, measurable, achievable, reasonable goals. (S.M.A.R.[T.], I don’t know what the T is for… can’t be bothered googling).

Ok. the train has arrived… cya.


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