The Slightly Great Commission

Yes, I Jared Nagle have been commissioned to build a website!… by my wife. Tis an honourable feat. And thus the first thing on my plate is deciding what technologies i should use to create it. I am greatly interested in Javascript libraries/framework. Cheif amongst candidates is AngularJS, BackboneJS and EmberJS. I choose you, Charmander! Yes that was a pokemon red reference (long live the 1990s) and Yes that was a quick decision. But not without some forethought.

After reading this blog amongst various other reviews it appears as though the decision boils down to what kind of application i want to develop. Do i want to be investing in a framework that will carry me through long term? do i want a framework that is small in size? Do i want something that is easy to learn? turns out I’m in this for the long haul so I’m gonna go with Ember. It’s at version 1.4 at the time of writing and i think thats enough numbers past 1.0 to be production ready. That plus the fact that my boss at work is considering all possible routes for developing what will be the new framework for their internal systems. And we have many requirements.

So Ember is the framework of Choice. It has many functions, a MVC framework that auto binds. This should reduce code significantly. I’m quite new to front-end development in general so I’m not quite sure how people arrange their folders and files. I’ve been test driving yeoman but that seems to be still in development. For Java development, I use Gradle as my build/dependency management/everything engine and i wouldn’t be surprised if it contained support for javascript library management.

Infact let me google that (for you)… *gradle javascript*… a brief search shows up with a gradle-js plugin. It lets you combine all your javascripts into one, minify them, run JSHint on them… etc,etc… I wonder if there are any javascript libraries in maven… well there are. They’re all under the “org.webjars”… but hang on, after going to it looks like they are just javascript libraries bundled into jars… thats not what i want. I want something like bower… well ok, I’ll just use bower then. Bower is a front-end package manager.

Seesh. There is a steep learning curve here. Ember, Bower, Bootstrap, Sass, Mocha, Html, CSS, and all that jazz. am I in over my head? I think that my overwhelmed feeling mostly comes from my inexperience with javascript and html. But as with most other things in my knowledge base, I think as i learn and keep reading constantly, I’ll eventually become proficient. It will just take time. 


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  1. Shane Watson says:

    Charge her a premium! 😉

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