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syntax and regexp and bears, oh my!

I don’t know how many times I’ve crossed regular expressions thinking: “gee willikers, I oughta learn something about those sometime soon yessireebob good sir yuppy duppy diddilumdeedee… meh…”. It’s not that i think they aren’t useful, I’ve always wanted some … Continue reading

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The Golden Ratio Learning Strategy

Recently I’ve stumbled across a pretty cool game. The name is Inflation RPG. The idea is that instead of growing levels slowly and acquiring gear over a long time like usual rpgs, You only have 30 battles (or battle points) … Continue reading

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HTML, CSS, and my frustrations with the pair.

Take a good hard look at yourself. Now look back. Now look to your right, now back at me. I am on a horse. But in all seriousness, HTML and CSS has to be the hardest thing I’ve had to … Continue reading

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No time to explain! Play!

I have been met with what I can only describe as being some form of April fools paraphernalia. This weird game keeps popping up in my intellij idea EAP release and i have no idea how to stop it popping … Continue reading

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