The Golden Ratio Learning Strategy


Recently I’ve stumbled across a pretty cool game. The name is Inflation RPG. The idea is that instead of growing levels slowly and acquiring gear over a long time like usual rpgs, You only have 30 battles (or battle points) before the game ends. Each battle can give you 100s or 1000s of levels at a time and gear that you gain during the game may be kept for the next one. So far the highest level I’ve got up to is around 55,000.

The way i play this game follows a very famliar pattern. In fact it is a pattern that has influenced the way I play any game:

Captialize, Risk, Bulldoze.

I tend towards mass accumulation and utilization of my resources until I have around a 70% perceived victory chance. I find that this percentage is the golden ratio – in fact the golden ratio stands around 1.61 which when flipped gives approximately: (0.62) – Although the percentage is not quite the same, The idea behind it remains. venture out into the uncertain when you are about this certain of victory.

You will learn the most when you work to 70% certainty of success.

There was a university study of this a while back that i can’t seem to Google, but It said that this ratio is the most efficient way to improve in any field. When you are 70% confident in your abilities given a particular task, You are at your peak of learning. Too confident and you won’t learn anything, Not confident enough and you will find yourself lost for direction, but 7/10 success chance and you find yourself just enough on the edge of breakthrough that you will push through to resolve. And sometimes you won’t, but even so you will have gained enough experience to apply for next time.


See this pattern? It’s the golden ratio spiral or the Fibonacci Spiral (each rectangle you see is the width of the last two widths added together). This isn’t quite the exponential growth I’m talking about – as I suggest growth happens in the ratio’s reciprocal – but we see this pattern naturally in the world around us, It’s in seashells, plants, even our body contains this ratio. I wouldn’t be surprised if this rate is inbuilt into how we learn.

Learn to take calculated risks. This will thrust you into knowledge and skill.

Happy coding!


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