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Glass Ceilings

A few years ago, My former employer once said to me: “I reached my peak in computer knowledge after around 10 years”. And indeed he was quite an incredible programmer. It got me thinking though, Is that peak a reality … Continue reading

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Humans, Robots (bwoooow dananana deooowwww)

  One of the hardest things to grasp in computer science: Caching things is synonymous to predicting the future. How do i tell if i need to get what i just cached again? You make an educated guess. Or you … Continue reading

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You lost me at CPU…

So I have two things to get off my chest: 1. That burn mark on the bus stop clearly looks like a shark is about to own that blue strip above it from behind the timetable. I’ve been staring at … Continue reading

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Computers are not as complicated as you think

What happens when you place a group of smart people in a room doing some meaningful repetitive task over and over again? You get people thinking to themselves “how can I do this faster, more efficiently and requiring less user … Continue reading

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